Sports Bra FAQs

You sound like 80% of the women who are wrong in size and miss out on the benefits of a good sports bra. It’s not just about support, with the right fitted bra you feel more comfortable, confident and can focus solely on your performance. Go to your closest store to get professionally fitted or use our online fitting tips to find the only size that you should be wearing!
When you try on a sports bra, you have to jump, lift your arms, bend down, and run on the spot. Really put it through the paces: that way you'll then be able to see and feel if the sports bra really fits you correctly. Cute styles are nice, that's why we're always looking at new colour combos! But support is more important.
The chest is not a muscle and whatever its weight, small or big, the Cooper's ligaments that hold it stretch after repeated movements and they do not recover... Why not use our Sports Bra Quiz to find suitable styles for you?

because the impact on your breasts changes based on the intensity of each sport. For example, there is more pressure on and movement of the breast during Running than say Pilates, so they require different levels of support.

But more than support, the style can influence your comfort level too, for example in Pilates there is lots of floorwork, so something like our new InfinitY bra which is front opening with a Y shaped back will ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable on your shoulders whilst stretching and building muscle.

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